SM-03 -- Registration and Final Program

Vadim Shapiro vshapiro at
Fri May 16 18:47:22 PDT 2003

Dear Colleague,

Registration is now open at
for the 8th ACM Symposium for Solid Modeling and Applications that
will take place in Seattle, WA on June 16-20, 2003.

Please join us for a three-day technical program, 2 days of tutorials,
industry presentations and a tour of the Boeing 777 final assembly plant.
The details are posted at the  conference website

Symposium Co-Chairs:
George Turkiyyah,  University of Washington, USA
Pere Brunet,  Polytechnical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain

Program Co-Chairs:
Gershon Elber,  Technion, Israel
Vadim Shapiro,  University of Wisconsin, USA

Industrial Chair:
Jan Vandenbrande,  Boeing

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