SoCG Best Papers

2023 Mickaël Buchet, Bianca B. Dornelas, and Michael Kerber. Sparse higher order Čech filtrations
2022 Daniel Rutschmann and Manuel Wettstein. Chains, Koch Chains, and Point Sets with many Triangulations
2021 Peyman Afshani and Pingan Cheng. Lower Bounds for Semialgebraic Range Searching and Stabbing Problems
2020 Xavier Goaoc and Emo Welzl. Convex hulls of random order types
2019 Vincent Cohen-Addad, Éric Colin de Verdière, Dániel Marx, and Arnaud de Mesmay. Almost Tight Lower Bounds for Hard Cutting Problems in Embedded Graphs
2018 Xavier Goaoc, Pavel Paták, Zuzana Patáková, Martin Tancer, and Uli Wagner. Shellability is NP-complete
2017 Vincent Despré and Francis Lazarus. Computing the geometric intersection number of curves
2016 Boris Aronov, Otfried Cheong, Michael Gene Dobbins, and Xavier Goaoc. The number of holes in the union of translates of a convex set in three dimensions
2015 Jirí Matoušek and Aleksandar Nikolov. Combinatorial discrepancy for boxes via the gamma_2 norm
2014 Jirí Matoušek, Eric Sedgwick, Martin Tancer, and Uli Wagner. Embeddability in the 3-sphere is decidable
2013 Victor Alvarez and Raimund Seidel. A simple aggregative algorithm for counting triangulations of planar point sets and related problems
2012 Éric Colin de Verdière, Grégory Ginot, and Xavier Goaoc. Multinerves and Helly numbers of acyclic families
Natan Rubin. On topological changes in the Delaunay triangulation of moving points

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