SoCG Best Student Presentation Award

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Since 2012, SoCG has given an award for the best presentation(s) by a student. Candidates are full-time students (any level: undergrad, PhD student, etc) at time of submission.
The winner of the award is selected according to scores given by the audience based on their appreciation of the presentation, including its contents, the quality of the slides, and the presentation skills of the presenter. In case of a tie, several winners can be selected.
A more detailed description of the criteria and procedure can be found in this document (pdf).


2023 Sarita de Berg "The Complexity of Geodesic Spanners"
2022 Paul Jungeblut "The Complexity of the Hausdorff Distance"
2021  Sebastiano Cultrera di Montesano "Counting Cells of Order-k Voronoi Tessellations in R3 with Morse Theory"
2020 Svenja Griesbach "Book Embeddings of Nonplanar Graphs with Small Faces in Few Pages"
2019 Ivor van der Hoog "Preprocessing ambiguous imprecise points"
2018 Ivor van der Hoog "Dynamic Smooth Compressed Quadtrees"
Aurélien Ooms "Subquadratic Encodings for Point Configurations"
About the 2018 award
2017 Zuzana Masárová "A Proof of the Orbit Conjecture for Flipping Edge-Labelled Triangulations"
2016 Hsien-Chih Chang "Untangling Planar Curves"
2015 Luis Barba "A Linear-Time Algorithm for the Geodesic Center of a Simple Polygon"
2014 Quirijn Bouts "A Framework for Computing the Greedy Spanner"
2013 Luis Barba "Bichromatic Compatible Matchings"
João Paixão "Parameterized Complexity of Discrete Morse Theory"
2012 Adam Sheffer "Counting Plane Graphs: Perfect Matchings, Spanning Cycles, and Kasteleyn's Technique"

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