About ACM affiliation for the Symposium on Computational Geometry


The steering committee for the Symposium on Computational Geometry has concluded its third and final vote on the future relationship between SOCG and ACM. Voting was open for three weeks, from June 24 through July 15, and was made available to all subscribers to the compgeom-announce mailing list.

A total of 202 votes were cast, more than twice as many as in the previous vote. Here are the results for the main question:
      * I prefer to stay with ACM: 68 votes (34%)
      * I prefer to leave ACM: 134 votes (66%)
Results for the other poll questions can be found at http://makingsocg.wordpress.com/2014/07/16/results-of-the-vote/
and a closer look at the voting results can be found at http://makingsocg.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/a-closer-look-at-the-voting-results/

In light of the decisive majority in favor of leaving ACM , the SOCG steering committee (Mark de Berg, David Eppstein, Jeff Erickson, Joseph Mitchell, and Günter Rote), the 2015 local organizers (Bettina Speckman and Marc van Kreveld), and the 2015 program committee co-chairs (Lars Arge and János Pach) have unanimously agreed to immediately move forward with independence, starting with the June 2015 conference in Eindhoven.
SOCG 2014 will be the last iteration of the conference affiliated with ACM.

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